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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lucy Tidbury and I am a full time artist living in the beautiful Purbeck Isles, deep in the county of Dorset.  Living on a farm I am surrounded by inspiration both on the farm with the various animals but also by the depth of art and craft in the vicinity.

This blog is not about me, its about all the great artists and craft people I meet on my travels, its about the handmade and hand crafted food and drink I am lucky enough to try and about the stall holders who attend shows week in week out.  It's also about our devotion to the county, wildlife and no so wildlife and the lifestyle.  I love how people interpenetrate those things in different ways, whether through abstract artwork, photography, making beer or wine from local produce or creating a cute bag or necklace.  Its about handmade, homemade, time and effort.

I am fortunate to come from a supportive background, both my mum and sister attend craft shows.  My mum runs specialises in knitted ware including tea cozy's, hats and scarfs, and my sister makes some really amazing fudge in numerous flavours.

Please look through, enjoy my travels and thoughts and send me your own ideas, stories and photographs.

Lucy x


I have a number of websites as mentioned below.  If you would like to link up with me, please see my link information page.

Paintings in oil, rubbish scenes, cows and pet portraitsThis is my fine art site, here you will find my Moo series and Rubbish series of oil paintings and murals including more information about my art training and qualifications.

Cow themed merchandise, coasters, place mats and t-shitsThis is my craft shop, I sell a range of hand painted merchandise, coasters, place mats, and kitchenware.  I also have a range of my "Moo" artwork printed on t-shirts, cushions and bags.

Pet portraits handpainted in oils, dogs, cats, horses, fish, snakes
This is my Pet portraits site, one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work.  I have painted all manner of animals.  Pet Portraits include Dogs, Cats, Horses, alpaca's, fish and even camels!