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Sunday 19 October 2014

Wood Turning - Dave and Lesley Wiseman

Dave and Lesley Wiseman - Pimperne Wood Turner
We recently drove past the Allendale Centre in Wimborne and noticed a craft fair was taking place, so of course we had to dive in and take a look.  The hall couple only support about 20 stalls but the event was busy and there was a hint of Christmas despite being only October.

Tucked at the back of the hall I noticed a man selling some attractive wooden bowls, some were decorated with images of animals or flowers.  I had assumed these were mass produced and had to ask the man behind the stall if he had made these himself.  Looking slightly bemused, "of course" he replied.  I was a little astonished as I looked on the back of a near perfect small maple bowl, the price was very affordable. 

Pryography Dave and Lesley Wiseman - Pimperne Dave Wiseman comes from Pimperne near Blandford in Dorset and explained that he shares his passion with his wife, who creates the designs using a method called "Pryography", the art of burning pictures into the wood
using a electric pen whose heat can be adjusted and creating various shades.  Lesley wasn't at the fair, as she was feeling ill, leaving Dave to field the onslaught of questions I had for him.  He explained that he had been to a fair the weekend before which had left his stock dwindling and it was at this point I asked him  to consider coming to the Steeple Leaze Farm Christmas Fair in November, as the stick he had would be very popular, fitting in perfectly with our country theme.  To my suprise Dave knew exactly where we are as he regularly cycles in the area, despite being in his 80's!

Bidding farewell to Dave and his excellent products, I took his telephone number and email address, he had no website and I didn't even ask about Facebook but promised I would follow up on our conversation, which I will and really hope he can come along next month.

Wiseowls - Pimperne Blandford Wooden Bowl

Wiseowls - Pimperne Blandford Wooden clocksFollow my blog with Bloglovin
Wood Turning - Dave and Lesley Wiseman
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