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Tuesday 21 October 2014

Lucy's Pet Portraits - Cassie the Collie

I accompanied Lucy over to Poole this week to deliver Lucy's latest Pet Portrait of Cassie the Lassie, well that's what we called her, she is quite obviously a Collie!  Cassie's owners found Lucy at Woofstock a few weeks ago when she set up stall proudly displaying Jed, who obviously caught an eye or two with Lucy picking up four commissions.

Over the preceding days I nagged Lucy to photograph Cassie's progress so we could produce a video of her progress.  This proved difficult as Lucy likes to work off the floor rather than on a easel which made photographing the painting in the same place at regular intervals near impossible, but we will try again sometime.
Cassie the Collie dog commisioned for Trudy of Poole
Trudy met us at her door and was visibly excited as Lucy had sent a teaser photograph by e-mail and had wrapped the oil portrait in paper in readiness for an "unveiling".  It was at this point I wish I had filmed Trudy's reaction, the photo Lucy sent obviously didn't do the painting justice as I thought she was going to burst into tears (that has happened before!).

Trudy explained as we tried to get Cassie to pose with her likeness that they were preparing a wall especially for the painting which would be a talking point.  Cassie was unimpressed and more interested in the treats being placed strategically around her painting to get a good marketing photo.

We bid Trudy farewell and stopped off at a local pub celebrating with a couple of beers courtesy of the extra Trudy had given Lucy in appreciation.  I really enjoy helping Lucy sometimes! :-)  It was a lovey reaction and we both hope that Trudy enjoys her painting.

Oil pet potrait painting of a Collie Dog

Lucy's Pet Portraits - Cassie the Collie
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  1. Lucy is such a great pet portrait artist!

    I'm a pet portrait artist myself but I'm nowhere near as good as she is.

    Big respect! It must have taken a long, long time to acquire the skills to be able to create pet portraits in such detail.


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