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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Graham Denison - Palette Knife Artist

Gallery of Landscape Paintings
©Graham Denison. All rights Reserved
Knowing how hard artists work and the passion they have for their craft, it's really nice to see a true success story, especially the success of a local artist who's roots started in Dorset and progressed to painting a royal portrait.

I knew Graham from the Purbeck School, I always knew he was good at drawing but I admit his talents fell far from a teenage boys attention more interested in girls and rugby.  Graham was largely self taught, relying on natural talent and an eye for color.  Straight from school he started with The Walt Disney company and produced art for companies all over the world.

©Graham Denison. All rights Reserved
Grahams influences include Claude Monet bringing through the impressionist era through his tool of choice, the palette knife.  This style differs from the talented landscape artists of the Purbeck region, choosing instead scenes from Venice and the Mediterranean.

I was lucky enough to watch through social media as Graham set about his royal portrait featuring Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, posting and slowly unveiling the final 35" x 45" masterpiece.  This was his first attempt at painting a portrait and the oil on canvas took him 2 months to complete.

Between his various exhibitions and studio work, Graham teaches and shows his work on board Oceania Cruise Ships.  You can see Grahams work on his website.  http://www.denisonart.com/

Graham says,
“I am thrilled to have the opportunity in life to do something I love, the tremendous feeling of expectation as I stand before each new canvas. I love to observe life and stand in awesome wonder at God’s creation and its endless palette of colors and light. I am truly honored and grateful to have this gift and intend on using it to the full for the enjoyment of others. I welcome and invite you to discover my original works of art, I believe there is something for everyone and I hope you will have as much enjoyment from them as I have in painting them”
Graham Denison - Palette Knife Artist
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