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Wednesday 17 September 2014

Sam's Fudge

Sams Fudge, handmade fudge from Dorset.

Sam's fudge is definitely a success story in the confectionery craft arena, Lauren and Sam started the business simply to make enough money to get married, a year later they are appearing on the news at the Dorset County Show.  Lauren is a full time underwater archaeologist and Sam works in Poole as a surveyor, and at the weekends they travel the county selling various flavors of fudge to the public.

Sams Fudge, handmade fudge from Dorset.
Those who do not deal in food or drink at craft shows may not understand the frustrations of the Sample browsers.  Its a trait that gets Lauren's blood boiling, "You can see them coming, they have no intention of buying anything but will take  handfuls of samples at a time".  To combat this Lauren puts out smaller plates so the "grazers" cannot reduce the samples to a few fleeting crumbs.

That aside the pair continue to enjoy their time in the craft community and producing quality fudge and you can visit their online shop at www.samsfudge.co.uk

"Our fudge is available in a variety of flavors, these currently include; vanilla, clotted cream, rum and raisin, salted caramel, chilli, and for December we make a special Christmas Fudge. Keep an eye on the website for our flavors of the month! We are also open to suggestions if you have a particular flavour in mind that you think we should try!"

Sams Fudge, handmade fudge from Dorset.

Sam's Fudge
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